Unique lassi
  1.  2 glasses of whole milk
  2.  Fifty percent the mug associated with fairly sweet yogurt
  3.  Tea spoon yogurt as well as 4am
  4.  Such as mango taste
  5. Apple company fifty percent
  6.  Cacao natural powder 1 teaspoon
  7.  1 touch associated with sodium
  8.  Spoons associated with sugars as well as Tay
  9.  four teaspoon ” lemon ” liquid
  10.  The quantity of drinking water
  11.  Gulmaricera natural powder 1 touch
  12.  1½ teaspoon tulsi leaf insert
  13.  Or even 3 bits of glaciers

Method 1. Mix all of the elements should be combined ekasate. After that you have to simply awesome as well as retain in fridge.

2. Function along with potato chips as well as glaciers chilly chilly humorous unique lassi.


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