Sweet Rice Zarda Recipe
Two cups of basmati rice, 4 cups of milk, cardamom powder 1 teaspoon of Tay.
Half a teaspoon of saffron, sugar 4am spoon, or a handful of petals gulapera gulapa water 1 teaspoon of Tay.
Spoon Raisin Tay, Tay kucano nut 1 spoon, teaspoon of ghee.

Rice washed habeghi take a wet warm raisin and cashew crushed cardamom ghie habetarapara lift them pay, then the chorus habetarapara rice to be moving in the 5 minutes.

When the get will allow these products 50 % stubble. Marinate roasted chicken blended with a dash of all the get gulapera petals much better with the help of dakana take on 5 or so minutes within the next boiled habecala gulapera petals blended with get towards afin de not to mention afin de typically the saffron the water soluble not to mention simmer for the purpose of 5 or so minutes to always be put with the help of cashew not to mention raisin will pay for to stay settling peaceful simmer 5 or so minutes,

therefore get rid off not to mention help heated pleasure nibbling smoking essence look for polar.


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