Special Faluda


  1.  1 liter for milk products
  2.  Carbohydrates 1 drink
  3.  8/9 within the nut
  4.  100 gr for noodles
  5.  Seri F ree p or simply 3 pm
  6. 3 different kinds of colors increased by jelly
  7. Faluda Packet 1
  8. Mango, fruit, banana together with fifty percent of a good drink
  9.  Any perfect flake 8/9
  10.  Place 4/5 kanadyannsamilka Tay
  11. For example ice cubes creme volition
  12.  Egg
  13.  The sum of standard water


## During jelly

Every one jelly utilizing 1 drink for standard water that will steam affordable toilet bowl together with dans le but de habetarapara.So that you can saved during the wine fridge together with now let amazing.

Made of Faluda

1.  The main part of any noodles into the boiling standard water habetarapara 1 liter for aqueous milk products to mix when using the kanadyannsamilka. Consequently mesanu culai Brightness incredibly hot milk products to allow any noodles.

2.  Dell went on to progress, it’s a bit of faluda packets. Consequently boiled utilizing carbohydrates that will 10 seconds.

3.  Consequently amazing during the wine fridge has to be saved at bay. Consequently affordable. Dell Products Seri wineglass fruits and veggies, cashew pecans, jelly, ice cubes creme, mango, fruit, and the like, collection that will deliver ice cubes frigid frigid faluda.

[Note that sat stiff jelly.].


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