Soya Kebabs Recipe
Seherite partake of some of those different kinds of foodstuffs are actually flavorful. If your latest food stuff ekti haipratidinera food plan credit card debt through by domain flipping dice typically the liver presently.

1. 3 cups of boiled liver
2. 1 hole sliced onion
3. Garlic 1 teaspoon

4. Undercooked Tay teaspoon pepper
5. Chili powdered 1 teaspoon from pink
6. Heated spice powdered 1 teaspoon
7. About half teaspoon earth cardamom
8. Only two cups of boiled apples makhanu
9. The length of salt
10. 3 offspring
11. The length of powdered toast
12. The length of petroleum


1. Kimate typically the liver, onion, a particular sliced garlic, sliced renewable chili,
Gulmaricera powdered, heated spice powdered, cardamom powdered, not to mention salt with the help of Virtually all fabrics takes the water at hand.

2. Aided by the apples, salt, sliced onion not to mention pepper not to mention combin are like a magnet.
3. Therefore take on catakiye most certainly. Then that apples contained in the liver
The whole of the generating takes the contour from a dice.
4. Partake of typically the offspring takes. Dice typically the offspring, a particular in the final analysis of this jitters Guroi toast dipped through egg goes hand over typically the petroleum under the sea.
5. Browning not to mention help heated with the help of melted pleasure
Dice typically the liver.
[If you want to keep in refrigerator and eat it as you can.].


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