Roasted Chicken Chili Soup


  • Only two cups of roasted chicken titties, chop to thinner
  • Semi-rebate, rasuna insert 1 teaspoon from Tay
  • Chop some the figures on Capsicum majari
  • Vinegar, 1 teaspoon from Tay, Tay teaspoon grated onion, chop to cubes not to mention Tay tea spoon
  • Chop undercooked phali 3-4.
  • Tea spoon tomato not to mention chile spices not to mention Tay
  • 12 Tay spoons from petroleum, soy spices 1 teaspoon
  • Cornflower teaspoon
  • Prefer the length of salt, coriander makes prefer volition.


1. The pioneer has to be vessel from petroleum. As soon as petroleum might be heated, andf the other roasted chicken, soy spices, vinegar, onion insert, insert not to mention salt rasuna kasate fantastic definitely will. Subsequent to 12 liters from the water towards cause typically the onion, salt not to mention Capsicum Outside patio’s towards prepare a meal ever again.

2.  Therefore 10 or so minutes afterward to always be moving forward most certainly with the help of cornflower.

3. 5 or so minutes afterward, tomato spices, chili spices not to mention coriander makes not to mention help heated with the help of Roasted chicken Chili Soup.


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