Potato Chop

1. Carrots some
2. Tay teaspoon regarding chopped onion
3. Pepper 1 teaspoon regarding Tay
4. 2 egg

5. Pamcaphomrana dust 1 nip
6. How much salt
7. 50 percent any teaspoon regarding dust gulmaricera
8. Tay teaspoon coriander results in
9. 50 percent any teaspoon regarding ginger sauce
10. How much acrylic regarding frying

1. Chile will need the particular cover regarding boiled carrots. Then a carrots in to the properly to be able to kacaliye. To separate the particular yolks regarding eggs boiled boiled habetarapara will need an item of the particular white-colored perhaps the diverse expertise.

2. By the end scrub the particular slice a single onion, pepper, several will save you dust, gulmaricera dust, salt, chopped coriander results in, ginger sauce to be able to.

3. Next combine properly to ekasate. In order to become far better enhanced. Khamite marinated yolk will be next segregated once more to mix properly. Slice the particular carrots directly into tiny kind makhanu khamike to produce.

4. Next slice the particular weed together with acrylic, temperature the particular acrylic and also fry to be able to brownish. Remove the gravy and also assist very hot together with fried carrots and also slice entertaining.


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