Pakkan Rice Patty Cakes Recipe


  1. 1 quarter rice flour,
  2. 3 eggs,
  3. milk powder spoon 3pm.
  4. The amount of salt,
  5. sugar, 
  6. like the amount of baking powder 1 teaspoon camaca,
  7. much like oil.


1. Virtually all fabrics could be developed ekasate abolishes candida.

2.  Therefore 1 day could be marinated like bakery, Soft sand (will belate bit thick) section dakana majari habetarapara towards chop accompanied by a over tray with the help of petroleum to always be habetarapare, raise the temperature of typically the petroleum not to mention fry typically the chopped candida in your petroleum, As soon as bulge takes up to the point browning.

3.  Carbs Sira and / or soaked through get not to mention partake of it again.


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