Mutton Liver Sandwich
  1. 150 Mutton Liver
  2. 3 slices  of bread
  3. 100gm butter
  4. 1 capsicum1tbsp ground black pepper
  5. 4 tbsp soy sauce
  6. Slt to taste
  7. ½ cup oil
  8. 2 tsp mustard powder
  9. 2 piece lettuce
Cooking Method
1 1.  First boil  the mutton liver in a pan. Cut into 50g and 100g slices.Cut the larger chunk into smaller pieces.Fry the pieces in a small pan. Add the sliced capsicum, black pepper mustard powder, soy sauce, and some salt. Remove from heat after A while.
    2.   In butter fry the slices of bread and add the 50g piece of mutton And cook until brown. Put the  liver mixture on the fried bread Pieces making a sandwich.
Cut into triangles and serve.


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