Meethi Sewai

The most punctual guests to India called it the place that is known for milk and nectar. An Eid claim to fame, vermicelli cooked in milk with almonds and pistachios. Marut Sikka utilizes khoya as a unique fixing to upgrade the flavors.

1/2 container pistas 
1/2 container almonds 
1 bundle vermicelli 
Desi ghee to cook vermicelli 
1 container milk 
1 container sugar syrup 
A squeeze of cardamom powder 
A squeeze of saffron 
A modest bunch of khoya 
Whiten the almonds and pistas in water. 
Bubble them for not more than 30 to 45 seconds. 
Whitening makes them delicate as well as makes it simple to peel off their skins. 
While the pistas are whitening, peel the almonds. 
Once the skin of the dry organic products begins wrinkling that when you take them out. 
Presently cut them. 
When this is done cook the vermicelli in desi ghee. 
When it gets a flawless earthy shade, take it out. 
Placed it in a strainer so that all the overabundance oil turn out. 
Presently void the kadhai of all the oil and add milk to it. 
Once the milk reaches boiling point add the sugar syrup to it. 
Presently include the sewai and blend delicately. Br watchful not to break it. 
The milk will begin to diminish it and cook it. 
Include the saffron and cardamom powder. 
Presently add the almods and pistachios to it ans blend well. 
Presently include the last fixing that is khoya. Grate a little piece into the kadhai and blend well. 

Once the milk is very much assimilated, dry dish for several minutes.


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