Koi Fish Fry


1. Koi fish 4
2. 1½ tsp chilli powdered
3. Tay yellow powdered 1 teaspoon
4. Orange juice 1 teaspoon (so the fish do not go broke)
5. Soy sauce 1 teaspoon
6. Tay tomato sauce 1 teaspoon
7. White rose half a teaspoon of chili powdered
8. The amount of oil for frying
9. The amount of salt


1. All the striped bass have to be certainly rinsed habemacha mixing.
While the striped bass would be not available in the course of all the crime. All of the components within the seafood might key in.

2. Then sodium, ” lemon ” moisture, soy hot sauce recipe, turmeric natural powder, soup natural powder, tomato hot sauce recipe,
Gulmaricera incorporate certainly by means of along with white natural powder have to be marinated one hour.

3. If the pot with warm marinated fish oil are habetela
Give up. When you’re back together in the back and fry the habebadami
Take it off. Pilau, with whatever you can eat fish fry, white hemp.



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