Plaintain Halwa



Mawa-1 container 

Almond-40-45 pieces 

Milk-1/4 container 

Sugar-3/4 container 

Nutmeg powder-1/4 ts 

Saffron/Food shading 1 squeeze (discretionary) 

Ghee/cleared up margarine 4 Tbs + 1 Tbs for brush the container 

Salt-1 squeeze 


Take every one of the fixings in your blender and mix it to make a smooth glue.

Brush some spread on the container where you need to set your halwa and keep aside.

Presently take the glue in a dish, put it on the burner in a medium warmth and begin to mix.


Mix the glue constantly until it turn out to be thick and begin to isolated from the side of the container.

Pour halwa on the lubed container, make the top even however much as could be expected with the assistance of a spoon or blade and after that hold aside to chill off totally.

At that point slice halwa to your craving shape, trim with some cut of nuts and serve.



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