Kacchi Biryani Recipe
  • Goat the protein dish kg
  • Help with the help of rice 1 kg
  • Apples smack
  • About half some hole from butter
  • About half some hole from chopped onion
  • Ginger insert typically the teca
  • Garlic herb insert not to mention green teas.
  • Green teas
  • Cinnamon powder, about half some green teas.
  • Green teas not to mention cardamom powder 6
  • Clove powder check out
  • Jayaphala powder 1
  • Jayatri powder 1 8 Green teas
  • Cumin powder 1 evening Green teas
  • Arid chilli powder 6
  • Yogurt 1 1 check out hole
  • To some degree grey color selection
  • Tay Green teas pink the water
  • Caraway the water Tay Green teas
  • Potato Bukhara 8-10
  • Flour 1 tsp salt not to mention Tay Green teas
  • 5 kg from lumber

1. Destination typically the the protein dish for the purpose of 30 minutes not to mention rinse out typically the salt combin. Rinse out typically the the protein dish not to mention the water storage shed.

2. Take on ghee fry typically the onions browning. When ever chilled, typically the coarse powder.

3. Get potato up to the point light source browning color selection combined.
Take on typically the vessel from the protein dish that is not grilled vessel biryani. Ginger, garlic herb, onion, curry powder not to mention combin aided by the the protein dish. Yogurt, pink the water not to mention combin most certainly with the help of the water, not to mention caraway.

4. Get spread around typically the apples during the the protein dish. Make a dash of butter not to mention apples Bukhara.

5. Pilau rice was basically laundered with the help of the water towards spill. 1 hole from rice boiled through salt the water slide. Rice produce mention a few storage shed the water through tidy cans.

6. Rice boiled the water 1 hole the water 3 check out hole butter bundled Combin the protein dish. Get spread around rice at the the protein dish.

7. Dust even on a bit color selection. 1 hole rice, boiled rice blended with the water not to mention other butter at the time of day, do you want further the water, organic rice boiled the water, which means speculation who is responsible for in no way all the way up as well as typically the rice. Vessel accompanied by a top.

8. Take on typically the flour with the help of the water not to mention seasoning. Batten typically the top at the vessel from flour.

9. Kachhi biryani making air oven, pans Slip on typically the cooktop. Position typically the tray in any spices vessel not to mention covers typically the top of the boiled the

10. water not to mention 5 or so minutes when the 0-ignition Help reduce cooktop. Subsequent to a particular and a half numerous hours to find hot and spicy biryani move.

11. That the cooktop by 180 degrees fahrenheit Celsius cooktop towards prepare a meal biryani raise the temperature of. Move in any heated cooktop for the purpose of 3 numerous hours making.

12. Raw wood grilling with charcoal towards prepare a meal biryani raw wood campfire when the 3 check out from good sized wood-coal campfire, the guy position grilling with charcoal making.

13. Vessel the best not to mention to the grilling with charcoal campfire. Vessel on the ground not to mention in your to begin with a quarter-hour looking for a extra only two and a half numerous hours towards get rid of raw wood, raw wood grilling with charcoal can dropping.

14. Help with the help of salad not to mention borhani Kacchi Biryani, 8 are able to help.


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