How to make Dudhkuli

Dudh kholi is one of the most popular aand delicious phitha of in Bangladesh. It is very unique styled stuffed dumpling of Bengal. Pithe Parbon (festival) is incomplete without Dudh kholi (or doodh puli). Dudh means milk in Bengali. Puli resembles with dumpling with the outer shell or khol being prepared from rice powder and the stuffing is made from grated coconut and date palm jiggery Dudh kholi is kheer or payasam with puli pithe.

• Thin boiled rice – ½ cup • Condensed milk – ½ tin • Coconuts (gleaned) – 1 cup Milk – ½ liter • Cardamom & Nutmeg powder – 1/8 teaspoon

Method Step 1 First wash rice and keep them in water for 2-3 hours. Then keep these rice in air to separate them from water. Then water.pulverize them with grinding stone. Now make paste of those pounds with ½ cup hot
 Step 2 Then divide the paste into 16 parts. Now give them thin circle bread shape by giving hand pressure on them. Step 3 Now give the gleaned (as needed) coconuts in the middle of breads and wrap them like Kuli-cake. Like this make Kuli-cake of every paste parts. Now mix condensed milk with normal milk and burn/boil them. Step 4 If this boils, then give Kuli-cake, cardamom & nutmeg powder in it and decrease fire of hitter. Now shake the vessel and mix the milk with Kuli-cake.

Tips: If you do not have date palm jaggery, you can use plain sugar and in that case you should add green cardamom powder.


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