Chicken Rezala
  1. Harasaha chop to smallish products 3 cups of roasted chicken,
  2. 1 hole onion, chop to cubes, rasuna insert 1 teaspoon from Tay,
  3. About half teaspoon ginger insert, onion insert 1 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon from almond
  4. insert,Tay tomato spices 1 teaspoon soy spices 1 teaspoon vinegar 1 teaspoon,
  5. Shahi cumin powder 1 teaspoon from Tay,
  6. Tay cornflower tea spoon
  7. About half some teaspoon from heated tart powder, Pep Website page II-3, salt 4-5,
  8. Hole from get, 1 pinch from saffron, cardamom not to mention cloves only two,
  9. About half some teaspoon from carbs, 1 teaspoon from yogurt, coriander makes volition, prefer the length of petroleum not to mention salt.

1. Originally, typically the roasted chicken can stirring. Therefore yogurt, soy spices, carbs not to mention vinegar marinated the protein dish could be 0 or so minutes. Then that onion insert not to mention fry tray with the help of petroleum definitely will stirs.

2. Rasuna as soon as bit browning insert, semi insert, tomato spices definitely will kasate ekatu ever again as soon as little get definitely will cause. A little bit of jitters with the help of get not to mention almond insert, Pep makes, cardamom not to mention cloves, not to mention cumin powders Then that shaking could be described as.

3. Combined it again with the help of get, saffron not to mention cornflower towards gule.

4.  Therefore cause masalai marinated the protein dish, chop to cubes, onion, salt not to mention salt not to mention blend dakana to compensate.

5.  Towards cause a little bit of saffron not to mention cornflower combined it again with the help of get, Dell could be described as. 0 or so minutes therefore get rid off with the help of coriander makes not to mention help accompanied by a onion rejala Comical Roasted chicken.



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