Crispy fried chicken
1 chicken, cut into 8 pieces, half a cup of condensed milk, 1 cup flour, salt, as desired, half a teaspoon of black pepper powder, mustard powder, the amount of chips, half a cup, like the amount of oil.

French fries golu Bring a tension all the way down, inside of a tank a flour, sodium, spice up powder snow, french fries, mustard powder snow plus merge perfectly. Bring just minutes to prevent a bird types around exploit golu.

A mix off flour plus french fries with the bird tukarogulo putting on. In that case your oven cooked to get 10 a matter of minutes by using phorupha dakana top rated eating plan so the steak is definitely worked inside of a pan by using petrol so that you can macamace yaitarapara half-baked right until senior hen a is going to….. Then an personal choice of toast bird together with the sauce plus offer popular Crispin.


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