1 kg from the protein dish chop to smallish products, onion insert camoca 4am, Tay camoca dice, chop to cubes not to mention about half some hole. Rasuna rebate camoca 3pm, 3pm Tea spoon about half typically the rebate.

Tomato plants, peaches, chop through only two, not to mention Tay camoca yogurt, about half some teaspoon from carbs, turmeric powder 1 teaspoon from Tay.
Tay teaspoon chilli powder, seasoning camoca Tay, Tay insert 1 teaspoon cumin, soy spices 1 teaspoon from Tay.

Tomato spices 1 evening camoca, about half some teaspoon from heated seasoning, cow’s get, about half some hole from the water, the length of petroleum, salt 4-5, Pep makes only two, about half some teaspoon from biryani seasoning, salt not to mention coriander makes, prefer volition.

Typically the the protein dish could be laundered, then that yogurt, tomato spices, soy spices not to mention carbs could be marinated bell can. 1. Then that petroleum might be heated with the help of onion insert not to mention grated onion for the purpose of 3-4 or so minutes could be moving forward.

Then one rasuna insert, semi insert, cumin insert definitely will kasate. Therefore chilli powder, turmeric powder and then a bit the water definitely will kasate. Salt could be.

That the marinated the protein dish in the bit chocolate will allow Gulu. Not to mention the water so your the protein dish are generally grilled. If your the protein dish might be grilled hauya habeseddha have labeling before onion, chop to cubes repayment a little of typically the making cow’s get, chili, biryani tart not to mention zing in the website page previously unloading habetarapara heated seasoning not to mention coriander makes could be.

Height double-piyajiebara the famous people ground beef not to mention help heated.


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