Chana Bhuna Recipe


  1.  Vetch
  2.  Potato 4/5
  3.  Tender pepper, slash towards guards 5/6 HAVE ALWAYS BEEN
  4.  Place any onion together with cut 3pm
  5.  Circle 1 teaspoon chili pulverulence
  6.  1 teaspoon yard turmeric
  7.  Fifty percent of a good teaspoon within the spice pulverulence
  8.  1 tomato (tomato marinade are usually made)
  9.  Fifty percent of a good teaspoon for gravy rasuna
  10.  Fifty percent of a good teaspoon for semi-paste
  11.  Fifty percent of a good teaspoon for mustard gravy
  12.  For example the sum of engine oil
  13.  That will boiled standard water
  14.  For example the sum of salt
  15.  Tay teaspoon coriander finds.


1. Earliest, you might want to chickpea together with potato. Consequently due to the pool jhariye. Peel any taters needs catakiye.

2. Than the onion together with cut any bud utilizing engine oil, rasuna gravy, partially gravy, blue Pulverulence, spice pulverulence, chilli slice, mustard gravy, fruit, salt in addition to a bit of standard water Kasate utilizing superior could.

3. If you’d rather that will inflict any boiled chickpeas together with taters catakano
Really need to grant. Consequently you must warning sign. Once 5 seconds, any exercise culai Interesting utilizing coriander finds together with deliver incredibly hot vetch bhaji at bay.


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