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Culinary is one of the most famous distinctive cultural traditions of Bangladesh. Our economy mostly depends on cultivation, and rice is one of the most cultivated items in our country as it is the staple food of the Bangladeshis.  Along with rice, fish is also popular in our food habit as freshwater fish is available because of the many rivers throughout the country. Love for rice and fish makes a saying about Bangladeshi people; "Machh-e-Bhat-e-Bangali" (Fish and rice make a Bengali). Along with rice and fish, our everyday food consists of lentil soup (dal), various types of vegetable, curries, beef, mutton, and chicken. Use of various spices and flavor make our food different and tasty, and has gained popularity all over the world. Another favorite item of Bangladeshi cuisine is Pitha, especially made from rice flour, coconut, jiggery, etc. We also have various kinds of sweets; like Roshgulla, Sandesh, Rasamalai, Gulapjam, Kalojam, Chom Chom, Kheer, etc., which makes our cuisine rich. 

Cooking is a very important part of our life as Bangladeshi people love to eat (‘vojon-roshik’). Bangladeshi people are famous for hosting and entertaining guest, and they love to entertain guest with their handmade food. So everyone, especially the women, try to learn cooking from the very early age.

Like other Bangladeshi women we, the bloggers, also learnt to cook from our mothers, grandmothers and always
try to save our recipes. We started to collect our recipes and took pictures for fun and for sharing with each other. With inspiration from some of our friends, we started this blog so that we can share our recipes with others which we did and now this blog has become our passion.
Cooking is an art and an authentic recipe gives it the perfect touch. We are trying to share authentic Bangladeshi recipes in our blog while also trying to give some exceptional touch to make some difference in taste.
Special thanks to our loving husbands who always inspire us and helps in every step of our journey.
Also thanks to all our viewers, friends and well wisher for the support and inspiration. Your comments, ideas and recipes are always welcome. It will help us to improve our blog down the road. COOK, EAT and ENJOY!
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